My Verizon App

Verizon and AKQA NY teamed up to reimagine the My Verizon app. The new My Verizon app integrates all the Verizon digital channels, retail, stores and customer touch-points such as The Feed, The Data Hub, Shop, On-Demand Support and the Simplified Bill into one simple and seamless experience. You can learn more and download it here.


Role: UX Designer on the Get & Setup team

  • Writing user stories and acceptance criteria for an agile design and development process
  • Meeting with teams across Verizon to gather business and technical requirements
  • Working with data analysts to evaluate customer pain points to inform the design approach
  • Designing wireframes and writing annotations for over a thousand screens
  • Partnering with a designer to transfer sketches and wires into beautiful designs
  • Creating user flows that received full IT validation
  • Meeting with key executive stakeholders to present work and gather feedback
  • Assisting in the creation of user testing briefs and watching live user testing
  • Revising designs and flows based on the outcome of user testing
  • Continuing to iterate throughout the process - always striving to create the best work possible


Agency: AKQA
UX Director: Munawar Ahmed
Creative Director: David Clarke

Designer: Taneisha Kirchner
Account Supervisor: Sarah Nadler
Data Analyst: Michelle Pliskin