Transforming the customer journey.

Verizon and AKQA NY teamed up over the past 10 months to reimagine the My Verizon app. The My Verizon app integrates all the Verizon digital channels, retail, stores and customer touch-points such as The Feed, The Data Hub, Shop, On-Demand Support and the Simplified Bill into one simple and seamless experience. Right now only users on the newest Verizon Plan will be able to access the app. 

Due to confidentiality agreements, I cannot display a case study. However, my role was lead UX designer for the Account, Devices, Sign Up, and Sign In, portion of the app. I was responsible for:

  • Writing user stories and acceptance criteria for an agile design and development process
  • Meeting with teams across Verizon to gather business and technical requirements
  • Working with data analysts to evaluate customer pain points to inform the design approach
  • Designing wireframes and writing annotations for over a thousand screens
  • Partnering with a designer to transfer sketches and wires into beautiful designs
  • Creating user flows that received full IT validation
  • Meeting with key executive stakeholders to present work and gather feedback
  • Assisting in the creation of user testing briefs and watching live user testing
  • Revising designs and flows based on the outcome of user testing
  • Continuing to iterate throughout the process - always striving to create the best work possible


Role: UX Designer // Agency: AKQA
UX Director: Munawar Ahmed
Creative Director: David Clarke

Designer: Taneisha Kirchner
Account Supervisor: Sarah Nadler
Data Analyst: Michelle Pliskin