Nike+ 2.0 App

Nike and AKQA NY teamed up to create the next version of the existing Nike+ app and create a more immersive and personalized experience, while taking cues from the leading gestural based UI's in the market. You can learn more about it and download it here.


Role: Senior UX Designer

  • Met with key stakeholders at Nike to gather requirements and understand pain points
  • Worked with strategy to establish Nike's position as the daily go-to for sports, lifestyle and culture
  • Created a dynamic content weighting system to ensure personalization of content
  • Partnered with design to transfer sketches and wires into beautiful designs
  • Partnered with development to create fully functional gestural based prototypes
  • Documented all of the functional specs to pass off to development

Agency: AKQA
Creative Director: Johnny Budden
UX Director: Kim Laama

Senior Art Director: Elton Rhee
Art Director: Thomas Loizeau
Strategy: Elisa Peebles

Account Supervisor: Stacy McLean