Land Rover Full Line CG Print Ads

The brief was to create print ads that showcase the 2011 and 2012 Land Rover vehicle line. Instead of shooting cars in a studio, we brought to life the idea that Land Rover can take you where the web cannot.

I art directed the campaign, chose the location, and picked the photographer. On location, I positioned CG renderings of the vehicles in a program called Goodstock. Matching the camera positions of the 3-D environment to the physical world, we got our shots and then worked with a CG and post house to render out the final visuals for the ad.

Role: Senior Art Director, CGI Positioning and Layout // Agency: Wunderman 
Creative Director: Steve Whittier

Writers: Robyn Sands & Carrie Ingoglia
Art Buyer & Producer: Jocelyn Woolard
Photographer: Martijn Oort
Photography Rep: Marilyn Cadenbach 
CGI Vendor: Zerone